Deep Latch, Milk supply & Sore nipples: What you need to know about breastfeeding and lactation

There is so much to know about breastfeeding, having a good milk supply, comfort, sore nipples.. Here is a sneak peak at the world of baby feeding.

5 Tips to avoid sore nipples

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Lactation is a remarkable way to nourish and bond with your baby, and with the right knowledge and support, you can create a successful experience. Let's delve deeper into some key points to help you get started.

🌟 Positioning and Latch: Proper positioning and a good latch are crucial for comfortable and effective breastfeeding. Finding a position that works well for both you and your baby can make a significant difference. A deep latch ensures that your baby is effectively extracting milk and helps prevent discomfort or nipple soreness.

🌟 Frequency and Duration: Understanding your baby's feeding cues and establishing a feeding schedule that aligns with their needs is essential. Babies who eat human milk typically feed more frequently compared to formula-fed babies. It's important to remember that babies' feeding patterns may vary, and they will signal when they are hungry or full. Learning what a baby’s early hunger and fullness cues is a must, as is trusting your own instincts and observing your baby's cues to help you establish a comfortable rhythm of cue based feeding.

🌟 Milk Supply and Demand: Milk production works on a supply-and-demand basis. The more your baby feeds, the more milk your body will produce. Understanding the concept of supply and demand and ensuring an effective latch and correct flange size for pumping helps to ensure a healthy milk supply for your little one. 

🌟 Signs of Effective Feeding: Identifying signs of effective feeding can boost your confidence when nursing your baby. While it's common to wonder if your baby is getting enough milk, certain cues can reassure you. Learning what to look for during and after a feeding session to ensure your baby is getting enough milk will put your mind at ease. Remember, monitoring your baby's diaper output is another helpful indicator of adequate milk intake.

🌟 Breast Care and Comfort: Taking care of your breasts/ chest and nipples is essential for your own comfort and well-being. Engorgement and sore nipples are common challenges that you may encounter. Your future self will thank you for taking the time to learn practical strategies to prevent pain and nipple damage and promote comfort.

🌟 Do a prenatal consult: "Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's easy"...couldn't be more true. Lactation almost always ends up being harder than you imagined during pregnancy. My number one piece of advice to all new families is to take a baby feeding class AND set up a PRENATAL infant feeding consult with a lactation consultant (while you are still pregnant) so we can help you identify possible challenges and set you up for success in meeting your goals.

Ready to set up a prenatal consult? Email the word PRENATAL me at

Remember, every feeding journey is unique, and it's normal to encounter challenges.

You are doing amazing.  Remember don't quit on your worst day it does get easier.

xoxo,  Kassi

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