Kassi Reyes RN, IBCLC
Words from people who have worked with me...

“An absolute life saver”

Kassi was an absolute life saver during the first two months of my breast feeding journey with my second.

I really struggled to get my baby girl latched on correctly, it was horrendously painful and emotionally exhausting. After watching probably every YouTube video going and reading countless articles, Kassi was by far the most helpful. Now I have a beautifully well fed 7 month old baby girl! Having had no issues breast feeding my son, I knew the incredible benefits of breastfeeding and did not want to admit defeat despite the pain and stress.

 I urge you to contact your lactation consultant if you are having problems. Thank you so much Kassi!!

-- K.W.

“Kassi has been instrumental in the success and continuation of my BF journey
"I highly recommend. I had a wonderful experience with the services! Kassi has been instrumental in the success and continuation of my BF journey despite many setbacks. She helped me troubleshoot multiple issues, provided advice, support, and recommendations. Her responses were prompt and scheduling appointments felt seamless.

She provided valuable resources including Youtube videos that helped reinforce topics we discussed. Her help has empowered me to continue my journey, but also know that I have the tools and knowledge to make the best and most informed decisions for my family. Also, she's fun! As I navigated this new phase I really appreciated and looked forward to her visits and help.


“A huge impact on our long-term success with breastfeeding”

I am so grateful to have had the benefit of Kassi's lactation
services during my early days of breastfeeding, when nothing seemed intuitive or easy.

 Kassi brings not only a strong knowledge base to her work, but also a kind, calm, and reassuring presence which was so comforting at that time. With her help, I learned skills such as helping my baby to latch more comfortably, different nursing positions, how to operate my breast pump, and hand expression.

She was also instrumental in helping me to seek additional support to address my baby's tongue and lip tie, which had a huge impact on our long-term success with breastfeeding.

I'm so proud to say that my baby is now a happy, healthy, growing, exclusively breastfed four month old!

Kassi's support and expertise was instrumental in helping me stick with it!

-- A.B.

“worked with her virtually to come up with a plan (for weaning)”
After months of trying to unsuccessfully wean our toddler, I reached out to Kassi and worked with her virtually to come up with a plan. She listened, she provided thoughtful feedback, and she was very kind and understanding! We were able to set small, obtainable goals, and I’m happy to report that we have been able to wean off several feedings. Thank you, Kassi!

-- C.L.

“Answers and solutions that worked specifically for me”

I started working with Kassi while I was pregnant and she was able to prepare me for my breastfeeding journey. The amount of information on the Internet about breastfeeding is overwhelming but Kassi was able to help me find answers and solutions that worked specifically for me. As a first time mom, I had a lot of questions when the baby arrived. Kassi helped me to navigate though breastfeeding positions, pumping, and even explained how to burp the baby! The amount of support was incredible and communication was always timely. I followed Kassi advices on pumping and in 3 months I was able to stash 1250 oz of milk that I will use when I return to work. Overall, Kassi is the best lactation consultant I ever worked with.


“Great and super helpful”
Kassi was great and super helpful. She not only helped us with learning how to breast feed successfully (how to position baby, what to look for, how long and how often to nurse), but also helped us work through a tongue and lip tie procedure and recovery. She’s very competent and always accessible to provide help over text. Highly recommend her!