4 tips for Increasing breastmilk supply, strategies from a Lactation Consultant

Tips for increasing breastmilk while nursing and pumping from a Lactation Consultant

Hi everyone and happy Monday. Are you struggling to build your milk supply? Do you KNOW you need to make more milk to meet your baby’s nutritional needs? Let’s talk about REAL and important strategies for how to increase your milk supply.

#1 The most important thing you want to look at when you are worried about milk supply and about building and protecting a full supply is looking at your pumping and nursing schedule to see how regularly are you emptying milk. Your body works on a system of supply and demand, which means that every time the nipple is stimulated or milk is removed, your body is getting the message to produce more milk. That means that you need to be removing milk at regular intervals, EVEN AT NIGHT. So if you're concerned about your supply, or if you're thinking that your supply is not quite meeting your baby's needs, the first place to look is at your pumping or feeding schedule to see if there's a place where you can increase the frequency or length of your pumping sessions as needed.

(If you need help with this definitely check in with a lactation consultant)

If milk isn't being removed at least eight times a day, which is about every three hours, then your body will start to receive the message to slow down production. If you go for too long of an interval without removing milk for a regular period of time, your body is likely to slow down production.

#2 The second tip is for is for anyone who is doing some pumping. While you're pumping you can be doing “Hands-On pumping”, which means that you're using your hands to do a little bit of massage and compression (you can also use a lactation massager to massage and vibrate) while pumping using a hands-free pumping bra. The act of doing that massage and compression will usually help you pump out more milk.

#3 The third tip that I sometimes recommend as a lactation consultant is trying some power pumping this is a short-term thing that usually I would have someone do for about a week. It is a form of pumping that helps stimulate the body a little bit extra each day. This extra little bit of stimulation for about a week will often get the body to increase milk production.

#4 The fourth tip I want to talk about when we're talking about increasing milk supply is taking supplements. Sometimes supplements do work. I want to say this with a word of caution, because I feel like a lot of people rush out to take supplements when they're worried about their supply or if they want to increase their supply. Not all supplements are created equally. They don't all work the same way and they all can have different side effects from one another, so if you're considering taking supplements please make sure you check in with a lactation consultant and your provider (an OB or Midwife) before starting any supplements. This way you can make sure that you're taking a supplement that is going to be the most effective for you and the safest for you and your baby.

if you have any questions about these tips or if you have other tips that you want to share with the community about what's worked for you for increasing your milk supply please share in the comments down below

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