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In Peaceful Lactation you'll learn all this about nourishing your baby...

  • How to minimize pain when breastfeeding and achieve a deep latch
  • How to build a full and healthy milk supply
  • All things pumping! When to start and pumping schedules
  • When and how to introduce bottles 
  • Know how to tell if your baby is hungry
  • Confidence in knowing when your baby is full and getting enough to eat
  • Establish your personal goals for feeding your baby: Latching vs Mixed vs Exclusive Pumping

Peaceful Lactation:
A Crash Course in Baby Feeding

Start here for a PEACEFUL lactation journey.

Hi friends!

While breastfeeding is "natural," it's not easy... I will set you up for a stress free and peaceful experience. 

What if I told you that feeding your baby might be hard, but it doesn't have to be stressful?
If giving your baby your milk is important to you, let's take the worry out of it and get you prepared while you are still pregnant.

Trust me, learning how to feed your baby and making informed feeding decisions is easier NOW, before a sleep deprived version of you has your hungry crying newborn in your arms.

Unfortunately, so many parents miss out on the early joy of soaking in time with their baby due to the stress and worries surrounding feeding. Concerns about milk supply, wondering if your baby is getting enough to eat, if they are gaining enough weight, and confusion and stress around pumping can overshadow the beautiful moments of bonding and nourishment. It's time to change that!

This class will empower you to make the feeding decisions that work for you and for your baby and will boost your confidence along the way. The self paced, comprehensive class is designed to help you have a successful and worry-free lactation journey from the moment your baby arrives.  

 In 2-3 hours, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to feed your baby with peace of mind. No uncertainty, no second-guessing. Move at your own pace through a series of engaging videos, audio, helpful visuals, and interactive knowledge checks to leave you understanding everything you need to nourish your baby YOUR way.    

Lactation isn't all or nothing... Whether you plan to exclusively nurse, exclusively pump, or chose a mixed feeding journey, my non-judgmental approach creates a supportive environment where you can embrace your unique feeding preferences. This prenatal class goes beyond just providing information – it empowers you to consider what's important to you and guides you to set personalized goals for your family.    

By enrolling in this class, you'll gain the confidence you need to truly enjoy nourishing your baby and creating a deep lasting bond. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and uncertainty, and say hello to a journey filled with confidence, joy, and peace.  

Sign up today and embark on your lactation journey feeling fully prepared and empowered, while giving your baby the best start possible.  

Do any of these points apply to you?

  • You are a first time parent and feel like you don't know anything about feeding a baby
  • You have tried to breastfeed before, but stopped sooner than you had hoped
  • You have been told breastfeeding is painful
  • You don't know how to tell if you baby is getting enough to eat
  • You have seen your friends struggle with lactation and you are afraid you will struggle too
  • You want to breastfeed, but are afraid you won't have enough milk

Your Instructor

Kassi Reyes, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Registered Nurse 

Hi, my name is Kassi

  I loved being a lactation consultant even before becoming a mom! Becoming a mom made me love my profession even more and made me a more compassionate consultant. I went through many of the struggles that new families face and felt like quitting so many times.  I had every lactation challenge that you can imagine, from nipple pain, a tongue tied baby, plugged ducts and mastitis, 4 months of exclusive pumping on one side. We struggled for a LONG time, but I learned SO much, and sticking with it was so rewarding.
  Consider me a partner on your lactation journey. I am here to provide you with the roadmap and guide you through the challenges ahead. I have worked with thousands of growing families during their lactation journeys. It is my passion to make lactation information accessible and to help parents nourish their new babies all while maintaining a sense of PEACE.

Join me. Let me guide you through the early days of your lactation journey. You will feel confident and know that your baby is being well fed.

Here are what past clients have to say...

    "Kassi was an absolute life saver during the first two months of my breast feeding journey with my second. "


 "Kassi has been instrumental in the success and continuation of my BF journey" 


 "So thorough and impressive! We’re truly grateful for your support and feel much more confident about breastfeeding with the guidance you’ve shared and knowing you’re in our corner."  


Imagine the peace you'll feel when...

  • -Your baby is born and you know exactly what to expect for the first 24 hours of feeding them
  • -You understand how to get a deep latch to avoid pain and give your baby enough milk
  • -You understand how much, how often and for how long to feed your baby during the early months 
  • -You understand pumping schedules, when and how often to pump
  • -You know how to build and protect a full milk supply

How much would you enjoy your baby and bonding with them if you were this prepared?

Well, it is all possible.

And within a matter of hours!


Peaceful Lactation 

A class designed to teach you what you NEED to know to survive the first month with your newborn

Here are what past clients have to say...

"I nursed for about 9 months after you got me started and was so happy I did, I really loved it after I figured out how too. I definetely couldn't have done it without your help!


 "She provided valuable resources including Youtube videos that helped reinforce topics we discussed. Her help has empowered me to continue my journey, but also know that I have the tools and knowledge to make the best and most informed decisions for my family. Also, she's fun! " 


 "Kassi brings not only a strong knowledge base to her work, but also a kind, calm, and reassuring presence which was so comforting at that time. With her help, I learned skills such as helping my baby to latch more comfortably, different nursing positions, how to operate my breast pump, and hand expression. " 


What you get:

  • 1 year of access to class materials - so you can review as needed once baby arrives!
  • Feeding log to help track your baby's intake and diapers! 
  • 10% discount on future 1:1 virtual lactation consults with me!

Standard price



  • 1 year of access to entire course
  • Community
  • Feeding log to help track  baby's intake and diapers
  • 10% discount on future 1:1 virtual consults with me

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  • Module 1
  • Benefits of Lactation for parent and baby
  • Exclusive Nursing, Mixed Feeding plans, Exclusive pumping tips and more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Experienced parents welcome too. While this class covers all the basics and is great for first time parents, it is also a great review for anyone expecting a baby. If it has been a few years since you had your last baby, or if your last lactation journey didn't go the way you hoped it would, you will find the information in this class helpful. Even if you have had a successful lactation journey in the past, it can be very helpful to review newborn needs and feeding tips. 

Some great topics for a virtual visit include prenatal evaluation and teaching, identify possible challenges before baby arrives, pumping evaluation, pumping plan or schedule, milk storage, Flange fitting, Back to work planning, weaning. More complex issues may be difficult to address via virtual visit but we can work on things like latching and positioning your baby, increasing or decreasing milk supply, plugged ducts, engorgement among others

I know that you will feel more confident about feeding your baby after taking this course. However, for up to 30 days after your purchase, if you have completed the entire course and don't feel more prepared to provide your baby with human milk, email me and I will provide you with a full refund.

Move at your own pace, but it should take you about 3 hours to complete the course. You will have access to it for 1 year after purchase.

This is an inclusive class that covers various feeding plans. Direct latching, mixed feeding, exclusive pumping, supplementing. If you are planning to provide your baby with ANY human milk, this class is for you. You will learn all about a newborns feeding needs, hunger cues, building a healthy milk supply, pumping, and everything you need to survive the first month of feeding a newborn.