Lactation YOUR way. Crash Course

What you NEED to know to survive the first month (and beyond) of feeding your baby.

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Peaceful Lactation Crash Course *Recommended Plan $59.99 USD
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    Lactation YOUR way. Crash Course $59.99 USD
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    $59.99 USD

    Pick my Brain. One to one Coaching Session

    Let's connect one to one and talk about anything birth, postpartum or baby feeding that you want. This is where I can hold space for you and hopefully help alleviate any stress you are feeling.

    $75 USD

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        • Self paced online course (one
          year access)
        • Well organized video lessons,
          broken down into short, bite
          sized chunks
        • Baby feeding tracker to log
          your baby's feeding times,
          diapers and pumping

        It's amazing how much I read and watched to try to breastfeed yet nothing helped UNTIL I watched your videos! I was so close to giving up on breastfeeding entirely  but after watching your videos, I finally had my FIRST successful breastfeeding experience with my baby - 3 weeks after her birth!
        Ella W.


        Kassi Brooke Reyes was an absolute life saver during the first two months of my breast feeding journey with my second. I really struggled to get my baby girl latched on correctly, it was horrendously painful and emotionally exhausting. After watching probably every YouTube video going and reading countless articles, Kassi was by far the most helpful. Now I have a beautifully well fed 7 month old baby girl! Having had no issues breast feeding my son, I knew the incredible benefits of breastfeeding and did not want to admit defeat despite the pain and stress.Thank you so much Kassi!! X

        Lauren P.