A pumping class
for Birthworkers.

Designed to help you feel confident in helping your clients reach their pumping and lactation goals

June 10 2024 6-8 pm EST

Dear Birthworker,

Do you know how to help your client set up their pump?
Do you know how to help them figure out a good pumping schedule?
Do you know when and for how long they should be pumping?

Even for those of us who have training in Lactation, supporting families with pumping can feel like a whole new world.
This class will help you be a better support person to the families you work with whether they:

- Are doing prenatal pumping for colostrum harvesting
-Are doing occasional pumping along with latching
-Pumping for a baby in the NICU
- Need help with pumping for back to work
- Are an exclusive pumper

  This LIVE class will help you feel more confident in supporting families through all of the above scenarios and MORE. And will leave plenty of time at the end for questions. Or take advantage of a discount for picking my brain one to one after the class.  

Bring your coffee, tea, wine, snacks and Come join me for some fun!

Your Instructor

Kassi Reyes, Mamá, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Registered Nurse 

Hi, my name is Kassi

  I loved being a lactation consultant even before becoming a mom. Becoming a mom, made me love my professional even more and made me a more compassionate consultant. I went through many of struggles that new families face and felt like quitting so many times.  I had every lactation challenge that you can imagine, from nipple pain, a tongue tied baby, plugged ducts and mastitis, 4 months of exclusive pumping on one side. We struggled for a LONG time, but I learned SO much, and sticking with it was so rewarding.
  Consider me a partner on your lactation journey, I am here to provide you with the roadmaps and guide you through the challenges ahead. I have worked with thousands of growing families during their lactation journeys. It is my passion to make lactation information accessible and to help parents nourish their new babies.

Join me. Let me help guide you through the early days of your lactation journey. You will feel confident and know that your baby is being well fed.

Here are what past clients have to say...

    "Kassi was an absolute life saver during the first two months of my breast feeding journey with my second. "


 "Kassi has been instrumental in the success and continuation of my BF journey" 


 "So thorough and impressive! We’re truly grateful for your support and feel much more confident about breastfeeding with the guidance you’ve shared and knowing you’re in our corner."  


Imagine these challenges handled...

  • You understand how to help parents pick a pump and help with pump set up and settings
  • You understand how to protect a milk supply for families with latching challenges
  • You will understand how much, how often and for how long to pump for different situations
  • You will understand pumping schedules and when to start pumping
  • You will know how to build and protect a full milk supply

How much more confident would you feel at your postpartum visits?

Well, come learn with me. I promise we'll have fun

Within 2 hours, start understanding pumping and human lactation and feel confident in your ability to support your clients!

  • Access to live class 
  • Unlimited Access to replay 
  • Discount on future 1:1 Pick my Brain sessions with me




  • Link to live class
  • Lifetime access to replay
  • 10 % Discount on future 1:1 pick my brain session with me

Kassi Reyes

Kassi Reyes RN, IBCLC, MSN, MPH

Kassi loves working with parents and their new babies and understands how crucial good support is to a growing family. As a lactation consultant and new mom, she is familiar with the rewards and challenges that come along with learning how to best feed your little one, and is here to support you through this process, whatever your journey may look like.

 Kassi has 16+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse, including work as a postpartum nurse, doula and 5 years of experience as a board certified lactation consultant. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

In her spare time she loves to sit with a warm cup of coffee, practice yoga, spend time outdoors, and travel the world.